Top 5 All Natural Cleaners

Top 5 All Natural Cleaners

When it comes to what is best for you and your family, a major player in the game is the all-natural cleaner. However, not just anyone will do. Not all of them will work as efficiently, and not all of them will be right for you and the needs of your household.

Keep on scrolling, where you’ll find only the best all-natural cleaners for keeping your home clean without harming the environment or its inhabitants!

1. Puracy Natural Multi-Surface Spray


We couldn’t start speaking about the best all-natural cleaners without mentioning Puracy’s Natural Multi-Surface Spray. It’s definitely the superstar in the natural cleaning world, and was our personal favorite as well. It’s one of the few out there that are safe to use, yet actually effective enough to justify purchasing.

Featured on prestigious media outlets such as The New York Times, Today, CBS, and many more, it’s not only well-reputable but well-known by many looking for a high-quality cleaner for their home. We still wanted to try it for ourselves and not rely on anyone else to make that opinion for us, though.

Product Experience

As we’d heard so many positive reviews from acquaintances, friends, and internet strangers, alike, we did have some pretty high hurdles for Puracy to jump, but we’re glad that they made it. Truly, we didn’t find one thing that even bothered us about it.

As we’re talking about all-natural cleaners, we don’t really need to go too in-depth regarding the fact that it’s, well…all-natural. However, many people don’t exactly see the bonuses of having an all-natural cleaner, and that’s where we come in. Many household cleaners contain potentially-harmful, harsh chemicals that is not healthy for you, your family, your pets, nor the environment. Easily put, it’s not good for anything except stubborn stains, but wouldn’t you rather go guilt-free, and healthy by choosing one of these?

Many people have the wrong idea, and also think that if they’re all-natural, that they’re not going to work as well as some of the cheaper, harsher products. That’s simply not true. It highly depends on the individual product.

How did this one work?

It worked great! Honestly just as good, if not better, than the more mainstream, harsher products we’d tried. It got rid of grease, oil, food, soda, lipstick, various residues and so much more. We didn’t have to scrub and scrub, either; it worked very easily and quickly, everything considered.

It can also be used on just about every surface you can imaging: countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, painted surfaces, glass, granite, chrome, finished wood, hardwood floor, and much more.

We used them all the same, and they work very well with lifting deep dirt and grime, and on top of that, kept the rooms smelling nice and fresh – never that horrid chemically smell!

What kind of scent does it have?

Well, the bottle claims that it’s green tea and lime, but we didn’t really feel that fit the scent we experienced. It was almost like a spicy kind of lemony-pine. It’s not overwhelming, and is very natural-smelling, so it isn’t going to stick around and stay with you all day long.

What is it formulated without?

Try: SLS, Petrochemicals, caustics, phosphates, animal by-products, artificial dyes, Chlorine, allergens, and optical brighteners. This is not only great for you health, overall, but wonderful if you have someone in your household with allergies, or is simply just sensitive to certain ingredients. The plant-derived, non-toxic household cleaner is actually developed by doctors, so you can be sure of that.

If that weren’t enough, they’ve also made sure that their products are all biodegradable, with recyclable bottles. Their refill pouches actually save more than 90% in plastic, water, and energy which goes without saying, that it’s wonderful for the planet and those who inhabit it.


Really, we couldn’t think of any downside to Puracy’s Multi-Surface Spray, other than perhaps the scent isn’t for everyone. The price is right, and given the price per use, it should last a good amount of time for the general consumer. It’s all-natural, and safe for use around children and pets, and can be used on just about anything, to get rid of almost anything!

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2. Better Life Natural All-Purpose

Better Life is not quite as well-known yet as Puracy, but it’s definitely up there in terms of high-quality, effective, all-natural household cleaners. It’s safe and effective for all surfaces in the home, and can be used for just about any mess that you need cleaning up! In addition to that, it’s actually safe to use! What more could you want?

Product Experience

Let’s talk a bit more about the product. The spray is created by two dads who were very conscious about the world that their children were exposed to. These days we’re exposed to so many chemicals, so anything we can do to help lower the exposure to these harsh ingredients is a good thing. One of the dads is actually a chemist, which helped quite a bit when creating this cleaning product.

They have a saying: “less about pine-fresh, more about pine-friendly”, and we completely agree with that!

He is actually so adamant about the safety of their product, that he has even sprayed some of it in his mouth on television! Do away with the days of having to wear cleaning gloves when dealing with your all-purpose home cleaner, and feel safe about the products you’re letting into your house and out into the world.

What does it smell like?

It smells very natural, and that’s due to the fact that it’s scented with essential oils and botanical extracts, and is free of SLS, Petroleum solvent, Parabens, Ethers, Synthetic Fragrances, Alcohol, Ethoxylates, and Dyes.

What does it do?

It works to get rid of sticky messes, greasiness/oiliness, toothpaste, baked-on food, coffee spills, and so much more. It works well on literally any surface in the house (that we tried), but the places that you’ll probably find the best use is for: countertops, toilets, appliances, upholstery, baseboards, floors, walls, showers, cars, toys, and so much more! Think about all of the messes you encounter in your daily life; especially if you have kids or animals!

Gone are the days of sitting there scrubbing and scrubbing, just trying to get one mess to disappear. Simply spray, wait, and start wiping away. Of course, this greatly depends on the mess, but in most of our cases, this spray worked quickly and effectively, and didn’t require putting some elbow grease into the mix.

So, what didn’t we like about it?

The fact that it kind of left a filmy residue over certain surfaces. This isn’t always the case, but there were a couple of times that we had to go over it with water just to get rid of it. This definitely wasn’t a deal-breaker for us, but of course, it is something worth mentioning!


Overall, we loved the Better Life All-Purpose Cleaning Spray. It is obviously safe to use, it works quickly, and it can be used on just about every surface in your house! The scent isn’t overwhelming, and smells very natural and earthy. The price also Is quite affordable so this shouldn’t be a problem at all!

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3. Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner


Mrs. Meyers cleaning products are based on an easy-to-follow saying: “keeping things clean is easy, you just need the right soap”. They believe they’ve created said soap just for us! This all-natural cleaner is biodegradable, free of ammonia, chlorine, and phosphates, and smells just wonderful.

Product Experience

One of the first things that we noticed about this cleaner, was its attractive packaging. The brand really stands out and makes it easy to find. The bottles are also visually pleasing, and come in high-quality bottles. This particular set comes with a liquid dish soap, the everyday cleaner, and liquid hand soap, however, we’re just going to cover the cleaner for now.

They come in scents of lavender, geranium, and lemon verbena, which all smell delicious, yet thankfully, not too strong nor overwhelming to the senses. It adds just the perfect touch of the outdoors to your home.

As far as the formula goes, they’ve added renewable plant resources, such as olive, coconut, corn, and/or soy (depending on the formulation). They’ve always made sure that their products are cruelty-free, so never any testing on animals.

So, just how well did this stuff work?

Quite well, actually! We were surprised at how well it had worked. We honestly thought that Puracy would be the best by far on here, but Mrs. Meyers is a solid competitor. We tried cleaning up some baked-on food, some coffee, and crayon, and with just a few sprays and waiting a few minutes, it was all easily wiped up and disappeared. This was very satisfying, knowing that this all-natural cleaner could work so well, so quickly, without the use of harsh chemicals!

What kind of surfaces can it be used on?

In our experience, just about anything! Hardwood flooring, tile, walls, cabinets, bathrooms, shower walls, desks, and so much more can all be cleaned in the matter of minutes with this all-natural household cleaning spray. You may have to leave it sit for a few more minutes, depending on the mess and the surface, but it will work!

Now, let’s get to the part we weren’t so pleased with.

The price. The price is quite a bit more than the others on our list here. While it does come with various, high-quality products, if you’re solely looking for the cleaning spray, then you may find that that just doesn’t fit your budget. It’s completely up to you, but we had to mention it!

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4. Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner Super Concentrated



Biokleen may not be a name you’ve heard of yet, and that’s okay. We actually weren’t very familiar with the name, before we did our research and decided to try it out! It’s still up-and-coming, but we have to say that it was one of the best all-natural cleaners out there, and we’re excited to tell you all about it!

Product Experience

Biokleen has made a commitment to stay true to where they come from. They are a family business, and have made sure that their company has stayed just as true and honest as it was their very first day. It’s specialized in creating natural cleaning products for almost 30 years now, and there’s plenty of good reasons why they’ve been so successful! Despite being in business for a few decades now, they’ve always stayed current on high-quality plant and mineral-based technologies.

Biokleen is our favorite budget product on here.

Despite being so budget-friendly, it is surprisingly high-quality and effective.

This super-concentrated jug makes a whopping 64 gallons, so if you calculate a kind of price per use, then you will see that you’ll have this thing for months, if not years, depending on the frequency and amount you’ll be using it!

Something else we really liked and noticed immediately, was the sent. It had a very citrusy scent to it, and when we looked at the packaging, saw that it stated it was “grapefruit seed and orange essence”, which we felt described the scent perfectly. It’s not overwhelming or harsh, and adds a wonderful, natural essence to the air to give it a clean, yet healthy feeling.

It actually is free of artificial fragrances, as well as artificial colors and preservatives, so if you are sensitive to those kinds of things, you’re in luck!

The USA-made product is perfect for cleaning just about any job in or outside of the house!

It really shines when used in the kitchen, bath, on stainless steel, granite, painted surfaces, carpet stains, and more. Use it for light, moderate, or heavy cleaning, and you’ll be impressed! Even grime that’s been sitting for a while is cut with ease. We let it sit for just a couple of minutes, and began to notice grime loosening up and breaking apart with the addition of Biokleen’s All-Purpose Cleaner. You don’t need harsh chemicals to get great results, and this product is testament to that!

With green manufacturing technologies and practices, greenhouse gas emissions are minimized, as well as non-renewable or toxic materials. This is extremely important to the health of our planet, and the health of all of us! Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful, pleasant-smelling, effective cleaning product, then we can’t recommend Biokleen enough to you!

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5. Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner


Aside from Biokleen and Puracy, another one of our favorites was easily Method’s All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner. It can be used for just about any non-porous surface out there, and is perfect for use all around your house! It is also one of our favorite budget products, and is even more affordable if you by them in the 3-pack!

Product Experience

Method is a very well-known, all-natural cleaning product that utilizes green chemistry that is constantly being updated. By utilizing this healthy technology, it easily cuts away greasiness and other tough stains and messes in just seconds (depending on the mess, of course). It’s truly all-purpose, as it can also be used just as well to clean up certain places outside of your home!

Let’s talk a bit more about the formula itself, though.

Made from biodegradable ingredients, you don’t have to worry about contributing to the pollution that our planet is experiencing. Rather, this cleaner is derived from ingredients such as coconut, and corn; both excellent sources of nutrition, but in this case, great for naturally getting rid of dirt and grime, while being safe to use. Not only that, but the packaging is 100% recyclable as well, so it’s completely guilt-free. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s even cruelty-free!

The safety and health of you and your family should never be compromised; especially when you’re just trying to keep your home clean and safe! That seems kind of detrimental to the purpose, doesn’t it? In the case of the Method spray, no toxic or unhealthy residue is left over, which unfortunately isn’t the case for many of the cheaper, harsher cleaners out there.

This also means no more having to deal with the negative side effects many experience from traditional all purpose cleaners. These effects include: headaches, dizziness, and/or feeling nauseous. This feeling should always be a warning sign, anyway, that you should stop using a product.

How well does it work?

It worked great! While we can’t say it was up to par with Puracy or Biokleen, it was definitely a close race, and is worth looking into due to its low cost. Not only that, but it’s a completely different scent, so if you feel like something different, check this one out. It comes in seven various, beautiful scents: French Lavender, Lime and Sea Salt, Lemon Mint, White Rosemary, Ginger Yuzu, Pink Grapefruit, and Cucumber and Clementine. They all have their own personalities, but they all smell like something from a garden; very natural and aromatic. We felt that while it wasn’t as effective as Puracy, it came extremely close, and is definitely worth looking into if you for some reason don’t feel Puracy is right for your home, or isn’t available for you. Method delivers serious cleaning power without the inclusion of the harsh chemicals to cut through dirt and grease with ease. While it lifts up grime, it works to simultaneously sanitize, leaving surfaces spotless, and clean.


Overall, if you’re looking for a pretty good household cleaner that’s made with all-natural ingredients, Method is a great option. It may not be quite as strong as some others out there, but in our experience, it did the job just fine.

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